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English Grammar For remembering vowels: a,e,i,o,u Aunt Elise ironed our uniforms. For Your Daily Grocery List Having a hard time managing your shopping list? Why not use simple mnemonic techniques. For example - COPS CAME Cereals Onions Potatoes Sugar Corn Apples Milk Eggs The above are popular examples of mnemonics used. You can make things funnier and design your own mnemonics, by including one your favorite characters in it. But one thing is certain, the aforesaid mnemonic strategies surely help in improving memory. Use a Medication Organizer One way to remember to take medicines is to use a pillbox or rosette box to organize multiple medicines. First, count each day's pills for the Focused In Brain week and place them in the pillbox. The box contains individual slots or compartments which are labeled with the days of the week and different timings of the day. You can easily see which pill has to be taken for the day and at what time. You can also know if a dose has been missed. It is a trendy and portable case that can be carried anywhere. There are also electronic pill boxes available with various alarms including chimes or beeps that alert you when to take your pills or order refills. In case you face problems in organizing your tablets, talk to your doctor. Use Technology Use reminders or alarms on alarm clocks, pagers, watches, or smart phones. Set them according to the timings of your medications and the sound or vibration will signal you at the right time. Choose an alarm tone that is different from your daily wake up alarm tone to avoid confusion. Also, see that they are easily audible.

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